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We are an Asia-based technology company that provides innovative solutions to traditional and digital currency financial services

We aim to fortify the efficiency of financial markets, the security of corporate data, and the financial privacy of individuals

Our Platform


Three Key Crypt

Best-in-class, flexible public-key data encryption and key management for your organization's sensitive data, messages, and email. Three Key Crypt meets global data-security standards of the world's top financial institutions.


Optimization engine that allows financial institutons to easily leverage the power of high performance combinatorial search in many financial allocation problems.


Decentralized universal Bitcoin mixing. Bitcoin mixing from any wallet.


Financial institutions store sensitive client data in databases and other shared data stores, however the threat of external and internal security breaches pose operational risks that are not consistently mitigated by all the desks of a global firm.

Upgrade your organization's data security with the access control, access auditing, and automated key management of our solution for confidential data and passwords, particularly for situations where the confidential data are accessed by an automated process. We combine onsite software and offsite hosting services provided by Three Key Solutions to provide the following features:

  • Resistance to data theft after network hack
  • Resistance to internal datatheft by employees, developers, and system administrators
  • Uniform, globally enforced password protection for shared resources
  • Cheaper implementations of Chinese firewalls
  • Lower cost of ownership and operational maintenance
  • Globally / regionally controllable and monitor-able

Only users who successfully authenticate and pass a cryptographic challenge can access the data.

"Three Key Solutions" and "Three Key Crypt" are trademarks of Three Key Solutions Pte. Ltd.

The efficiency of financial operations such as trading, settlement, and collateral management are defined by how efficiently a desk can maximize return while minimizing cost and risks in the presence of regulatory constraints. We offer a solution that performs optimization using high-performance, parallel computational techniques to advice the human operator on the best allocation in real time.

The system uses a combinatorial optimization techniques known as Branch and Bound (similar to that found in artificial intelligence and world-class chess systems) to efficiently search for and explore all possible combinations of allocations to find the one that best meetsthe user's criteria. The system is scalable and parallelized so it can be used on large-scale many-core servers as well as a library on a trader's PC.

The system has a FIX interface, allowing it to be used as a shared resource that is integrated into the bank's internal systems. The system returns the best result found within a real time constraint that can have the resolution of microseconds. Good approximations are found in microseconds. The solution leverages Three Key Solution's proprietary software, Apogee, a combinatorial search engine.

"Apogee" is a trademark of Three Key Solutions Pte. Ltd.

Normalize your organization's exposure to cyber attacks acroos geo-political boundaries with Three Key Crypt, a software system and key management service that provides end-to-end encryption of emails and instant messages for enterprise.

With our solution email and instant messaging is encrypted, authenticated, and seamlessly integrated into Outlook and Skype For Business while allowing you complete control of the choice of data storage. The solution protects against threats including the following:

  • Unauthorized data access following an external network security breach
  • Internal employee hacking, information theft and leakage
  • Information theft by trusted third parties
  • External eavesdropping (insecure WiFi in hotels and cafes)
  • Identity forgery
  • Improper data destruction
  • Data leakage following device theft or confiscation

"Three Key Solutions" and "Three Key Crypt" are trademarks of Three Key Solutions Pte. Ltd.

The blockchain's transparency allows independent observers to deduce lots of information about the connections and balances of people who transact on it. For companies there is often sensitivity (in the form of operational risks and risks to client confidentiality and personal financial privacy) related to the information that is both directly available on the blockchain and deducible through transaction graph analysis by unrelated third parties.

In particular, traditional financial services companies that wish to trade or invest with Bitcoin risk exposing client-identify data, investment and trading metadata, and business model statistics to unknown third parties that monitor the blockchain. We offer a software gateway and network that limits information leakage by enabling participants to mix Bitcoins with each other.

Bitcoin mixing is a process in which special Bitcoin transactions obscure the source and destination of the funds, thereby creating information asymmetry between the transaction participants and unrelated third parties.

Our solution

  • Is decentralized among participants
  • Is trustless and riskless
  • Integrates with any wallet with a FIX-based encrypted communication protocol
  • Shields the firm's network from the Bitcoin network, acting as an anti-distributed-denial-of-service buffer outside of the firm's DMZ network zone.

About us

Something about who we are.

Who we are

We at Three Key Solutions believe in making financial markets efficient and operationally sound, in making corporate data secure from both external and internal hackers, and in fortifying individuals' privacy and control over their personal finances.

We do this by applying powerful algorithmics to real-world problems and providing clients throughout the world with best-in-class solutions.

Our service scope includes the following:

  • Software licensing and development
  • Key management and escrow
  • Software security analysis
  • Traditional currencies and asset classes
  • Blockchains and cryptocurrencies
  • Capital markets, payments, and settlement

Established in Tokyo, Japan in 2014, Three Key Solutions Pte. Ltd. was registered as a private limited company under Singapore's Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) in January 2015.

Our name derives from the fact that our solutions, leveraging hybrid public-key encryption, often use three keys - public, private, and symmetric keys.

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